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A free, open-source, portable voice editor and librarian for the DKI Synergy synthesizer with a GDS-like user interface.


  • Native support for MacOS, Windows and Linux. No need for a Kaypro. No need to emulate CP/M software.

  • An optional integration with the TouchOSC tablet control surface gives “GDS like” faders and buttons to control the Synergize editor.

  • Interfaces with both hardware Synergies and the Synergia virtual Synergy – a chip-level emulation of the Synergy that runs as a VST or AU virtual instrument.

  • Load and create virtual “carts” (CRT files). No need for a physical library of carts.

  • Load individual “voices” (VCE files). View their properties in a manner similar to the original SYNHCS “.DOC” format and the edit screens in SYNHCS.

  • Edit all voice parameters (patch routing, envelopes, filters, etc.) and create new VCE files. Edit existing voices or create your own from scratch.

  • Load and save synergy “state” (SYN files). This preserves sequencer, portamento, vibrato and other performance customizations.

Note: Synergize does not itself include the original voice libraries – download a copy from one of the links below.


Download the release: Release Binaries

See the User Manual for sites where you can download the original DK/Mulogix voice library.

Issues / Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report problems via a github issue. If you don’t have a github account, send a bug report email to “support at”

If you are a user or are thinking of becoming a user, please join our Slack workspace Send an email to “support at” for an invitation to the group.


Requirements and How to use

See the User Manual for full details on hardware, OS requirements and application usage.


Synergize is free and open source software released under the MIT license.