Key Equalization Tab


  1. Click the Key Eq tab to select this Key Equalization editor
  2. Adjust the equalization through the table elements.

Keyboard Equalization

Keyboard equalization is used to raise or alter groups of 4 keys at a time with respect to volume. In additive synthesis the ear may hear certain qualities louder or softer than they should be for a particular instrument. The ability to raise or lower the volume levels according to frequency range will make a more realistic balancing of the sound. It works for modulated sounds in the same way, but effects only the additive (listened to) oscillators. Alterations to the modulating oscillators would alter timbre, not desireable in this display.

Tranpose should be used to assure that extreme ranges are in balance with respect to volume, especially should a user transpose a voice to a different range during a performance patch. (This use of transposition is also suggested when setting filter values for the same reason).