Getting Started


Synergy II+

Synergize connects to a Synergy II+ via its RS232 serial port. It is tested with a Synergy running the latest 3.22 firmware but is probably compatible with earlier versions.

You’ll also need a null modem serial cable and possibly a USB serial device depending on your computer’s capablities. See HARDWARE for some details.

Synergia VST

Alternatively (or additionally), Synergize can also connect to the Synergia virtual instrument - a chip level emulation of the Synergy. Due to the nature of the way they communicate, Synergia and Synergize must run on the same computer.

When Synergize needs to connect to a Synergy it will present a list of all available Synergies (both via the local serial port and virtual ones via Synergia). You can then select which one to connect to. If the one you wish to connect to is not included in the selection, click Rescan and Synergize will search again.

A hardware Synergy and one or more instances of Synergia can be running at the same time, but Synergize can only connect to one at a time. If you are connected to a Synergy or Synergia instance and wish to connect to a different one, first disconnect via the Connect->Disconnect Synergy menu option.

NOTE: If Synergize cannot find a Synergia instance, toggle the VRAM switch in Synergia and try again (turn the VRAM button off, pause, then turn it back on, then Rescan from Synergize).

Operating Systems

Synergize has been tested on:

  • MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)
  • MacOS 12 (Monterey)
  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu Linux 18.04
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04

Install Synergize


The Mac release is packaged as an installable DMG file. Open the DMG and drag Synergize to the Applications folder.


The Windows release is as a standard Windows .MSI installer. Run the installer.


The Linux release is packaged as a simple tarball. Untar it to a location of your choosing.

Download the Voice Library

If you don’t already have a copy of the factory CRT and VCE files, get a copy as described here.


Use the Help -> Preferences menu to configure Synergize to your local setup.

Serial Port

Set your Serial Port device here. If you don’t have a hardware synergy and plan to use the Synergia virtual instrument instead, leave this blank.

Baud Rate

Set the baud rate of your Synergy here. See Serial Port Configuration for details.

Voice Library Location

This tells Synergize where to find your voice library (Synergize defaults your Home directory). This will be the default location displayed in the left-pane file browser when you start Synergize.

Test your connection to the Synergy

You can test the connection by selecting the Connect->Connect to Synergy menu. If successful, Synergize will display the connection information in the upper left pane of the display.

It is not necessary to explicitly connect in this way. Synergize will connect the first time you invoke a command that needs to communicate with the Synergy.

See Troubleshooting for things to check if this does not “just work”.